We provide very high quality salt, we’re very aware with the requirements and standards of each market and have the facilities to supply to Canada, USA and Europe…


Washed Salt

Minimum 99.2% Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

Insoluble matter approximately 0.2%

Moisture less than 0.5%

Size based on customer requirement by mechanical sieves

(0-3mm, 0-5mm, 0-6mm, 0-8mm, and 0-10mm).


Raw Salt

For De-Icing


Minimum Sodium Chloride (NaCl) 97 % 

Moisture max. 0.7%

Insoluble approx. 0.5%

Low Calcium and Magnesium content at 0.06%.


Water Softening Salt

Water Softening Salt

Refined smooth and compacted Tablet for water softening


One of the purest water softening salt tablets with nothing added and nothing taken away

Available also in Granules in a range of sizes to suit all needs.

Packing 10 KG and 25 KG PE Bags.

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